Staff Mobility

We provide a range of telephone systems and solutions to maximise a member of staff’s mobility and efficiency around the school:

  • A Wireless network can facilitate the introduction of remote handsets so staff can be contacted anywhere in the building and make emergency calls without returning to a fixed line.
  • Existing systems and processes can also be integrated to deliver alerts direct to the integrate WIFI mobile handsets.
  • Staff can benefit from being in contact all the time, using the WIFI infrastructure to stay connected.
  • Staff smart devices become part of the telephone system allowing them to have contact during lessons for emergency situations.
  • Full presence is available on smart devices or laptops allowing staff to use a secure chat facility – this can also be used as an emergency messaging solution.
  • Have the ability to contact front office functions from anywhere in the school.
  • Request additional resources or supplies.
  • Or simply ask a colleague a question.
  • Staff mobility solutions are great for facilities and IT teams who may not be at a desk each day and for staff teaching at a remote location (PE teachers can still make contact from the gym or field).

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