Specialist WiFi

Although most schools today have elements of WiFi capability served either by a router or a smattering of access points in key areas such as libraries, not many are equipped for high capacity demand throughout an entire building.We believe a school’s specialist WIFI system should:

  • Deliver coverage to all areas of a school
  • Be capable of managing large volumes of simultaneous users/data
  • Manage bandwidth fairly to deliver content in a timely manner

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    Example of Best Practice

    A recent study in Australia concluded the following when WIFI and tablets were deployed to a 900 pupil school:

    • increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
    • increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
    • improved teachers’ capacity to plan for and meet individual student needs
    • improved student learning outcomes
    • extended students’ learning beyond the classroom
    • improved parental engagement in learning and strengthen home-school links.

    Specifically with regards to Wi-Fi, the study showed that:

    • High speed access to online information enables more self-directed learning and rapid access to a fast-growing market of relevant and regularly updated educational apps.
    • Portability enhances collaboration between students and communication between students and teachers, increases parental engagement in learning and strengthens home-school connections.
    • Students used the tablet to take greater control of their learning, using a single device to search for information on the internet, practise specific skills with selected apps, create multimedia presentations, and present and share their learning with their peers, teachers and family.

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