1:1 Computing

In the context of education, 1 to 1 (1:1) computing refers to schools issuing each enrolled student an electronic device in order to access the Internet, digital course materials and digital textbooks.One-to-one computing offers the benefits of increasing achievement, increasing student engagement, the ability to monitor student progress and online behaviour , preparing students for tomorrow’s workplace and broadening learning beyond the classroom. For these reasons, one-to-one computing is a major part of education policy in many countries.

Example of Best Practice

Probably the most publicised and successful case study is the ESSA Academy in Bolton who implemented 1:1 learning across for all pupils. The good news story surrounding this new way of working was carried both nationally and internationally.You can read the full article HERE but in summary the key outcome and benefits of their 1:1 learning solutions included:

  • Immediate access to information
  • Increased student engagement
  • Personalised learning
  • Access to online textbooks
  • Student preparation for the workforce and higher education
  • Increased parent involvement
  • Extended learning outside the classroom
  • Improved student-teacher interaction
  • Opportunity for global collaboration
  • Ability to flip the classroom (the student becomes the teacher)

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